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908 K Street
"Marilyn's has the best acoustics of any place of this size in Sacramento. Great and fun crowd" --upcoming.org
"Marilynís has stood strong as an oasis for for Sacramentoís music lovers...
If you like drinking and rock and/or roll Marilynís needs to be on your list." --Nick On The Town
Marilynís is an ideal stop for an after-work drink, or even better to catch the locally and nationally-
known musical acts that set up live several nights each week. --Jeff Gephart, examiner.com
Check out the fabulous Bob Woods "This Town" video, shot at Marilyn's ! click here
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 Now Open 11:30 a.m.
7 Days a Week! 
Happy Hour until 7:00
(916) - 446 - 4361
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Marilyn's proudly serves Ruhstaller beer: click here
Light Rail stops practically in front of our door - Blue, Green, and Yellow Lines !

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Sunday Sep 14
comedy/talent.. $ cover
Sunday Showcase

Monday Sep 15
Indie/Alternative.. $5 cover
Lady Justice, Crossing the River

Tuesday Sep 16
Country / Acoustic / Drinking.. $10 cover
Sunny Ledfurd, Matt Borden

Wednesday Sep 17
singer / songwriter.. $5 cover
Mark of Defyance, Black Knight Satellite

Thursday Sep 18
( 4 pm )
pop/rock/classics .. $ cover
Crazy Chester

( 8 pm )
Funk/Soul.. $5 cover
Zyah' Belle and The Funkshun, Current Personae

Friday Sep 19
Live Karaoke.. $ cover
You Front The Band

Saturday Sep 20
Retro/soul/R&B.. $6 cover

Lisa Valentine and The Unlovables, The Chick P's

Coming Soon:

Oct 9
Acoustic Rock/Funky Reggae/Soulful Blues/Folk.. $5 cover
Island of Black and White, Tone In Georgia, Rebecca Peters
Oct 24
Honest Pop Rock.. $7 cover
Denver J Band, Bellygunner, Be Brave Bold Robot