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Sunday, July 27, 6:00no cover!
Sunday Showcase
Talent Nite!
   open mic comedy 6pm-8pm
   open mic/band auditions 8pm-12am
    Sign ups @ 7:45pm sharp, music starts at 8! Weekly featured artists will give you inspiration and entertainment, and this is a great opportunity to show Marilyn's why we should book your band!! We want to see what you've got, Sacramento!
   Happy hour prices all night!!!!

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Monday, July 28, 8:00$5
The Sixth Son
singer / Songwriter
   "Deliciously chewy" and "unusually irresistible" is something one might describe as an edible treat. That's what    critics are saying about the psych-pop-rock band LoveyDove, a treat for the ears, the mind and the body.
    LoveyDove is a sonic and seductive collaboration that mixes the novelty rock of Trio ("Da Da Da"); the wordsmith poetry of Lou Reed; the ambitious orchestral pop of the Left Banke ("Walk Away Renee"); all updated with a fresh approach.
    "Loaded with dynamics, color and articulate lyrics that are both acutely chosen and shrewdly applied....that aims to    actively uplift its audience and illuminate a path out of the dark jungle of anger and resentment in which so many of us    endlessly wander. Prepare for a profoundly transportative    flight." (LA Weekly)
   Neil Mallick lives in the desert sometimes. He plays music most of the time. Neil spends his time quietly honing his skills and developing his voice as an artist; he has earned a Ph.D. in rockin'. Neil Mallick is The Sixth Son. The years leading up to 2013 have been filled with divergent paths and non-linear growth. For a time Neil became Los Angeles' go-to man to play fake rock-n'-rollers in Hollywood film productions. He also composed music for two films.
   Most of 2011 through 2013 has been spent either on the road or in the California desert writing & recording new music. In the summer of 2012, Neil went on his second solo tour of North America, taking the southern route to Athens, GA, going up the coast to Toronto, & crossing the midwest back to Los Angeles. Neil's likeness has been used in publications by TIME, VICE, and Yahoo! - to name a few.
   - "One of the amazingly talented individuals I met on the Slabs. This guy's got ridiculous skills, without the ego that usually goes along with it." - James Hall, TIME Magazine correspondent

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Tuesday, July 29, 8:00no cover!
Greatest Stories Ever Told
Grateful Dead/ Jerry Garcia/ Bob Dylan Revue
   Artists ranging from Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead to the Police and Steely Dan. ... their music is timeless, and invites cover and interpretation. Come down and join GSET as they jam classic rock and blues and introduce new interpretations of the music you love.

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Wednesday, July 30, 8:00$5
Paul Willis
Hip Hop/Rock
R&B/Hip Hop/Rock
Hip Hop
   It's far and few between that you find a group of people that create something special. Though this is new, this is real. A real that I have not felt in music for a while. Watch out Sacramento and beyond because we are about to take you to another level.
   H.I.S 'He Is Strong' is a duo comprised of Q and Ri originating from the BAY AREA & SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA. Their music is filled with conscious lyrics and soulful singing. Their live shows are filled with live instruments backing them, high-energy and you will say leaving "They're DIFFERENT, I LOVE IT".
   “Alex Kaderabek says H.I.S is one of the best new hip-hop acts to come out of Northern California. They bring a new flavor to the genre with the contrast of both male and female vocals. After hearing their brand new, energetic single "Close Your Mouth" I knew this duo was going places. I support these two 110%.” Band Of The Week...BVTV    

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Thursday, July 31, 8:00$5
Proxima Parada
The City of Trees Brass Band
New Orleans Jazz
   Raised on music from Bill Withers to the Band, the four young men of Prxima Parada perform captivating, dangerously genuine music, felt as much as it is heard. Listeners have called their music "sexy as hell, so either bring a loved one or keep your eyes and hearts open because Prxima Parada will be playing match-maker.
    In January of 2012 a close group of friends began jamming together with the idea of melding their individual styles to create sincere and meaningful music that keeps a good groove. The streets of San Luis Obispo were their first stageand over the past year, Prxima Parada has grown musically and stylistically while performing at many of the Central Coasts premier venues and music festivals. Prxima Parada released Makes You Wanna, their first extended play album on April 12th, 2013. Listeners describe their music as a dynamic blend of blues, soul, jazz, and folk, depending on the song, but the most important elements to their music are interesting rhythms, dynamic variability, and a strong sense of musical integrity. Depending on the venue, they perform sets that range anywhere from unadorned acoustic music that captures the atmosphere of a summer morning clear up to floor-stomping, dance numbers with enough passion to attract any open ears. The members of Prxima Parada live and perform as close friends, so their concerts are always energetic, loving, and intimate.
   “While Certainly influenced by purveyors of the New Orleans second-line style of Jazz, City of Trees also cites less traditional acts like the Youngblood Brass Band and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble as sources of inspiration- groups from the Midwest that merge brassy jazz with hip-hop. gypsy rock and even punk. The result is an expectedly funky, yet unexpectedly contemporary party, with as many as 12 musicians grooving on trumpet, saxaphone, trombone, sousaphone, and percussion instruments.”

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Friday, August 1, 9:00no cover!
You Front The Band
Live Karaoke
   Grab the mic with all the bravado of a seasoned rocker! YOU FRONT THE BAND puts you and your guests in the spotlight as the vocalist in a live rock band. This isn't ordinary karaoke - this is the ultimate interactive rockstar experience and the hottest trend in live music entertainment. You sing in front of a live band!
   Our backing vocals make less talented singers sound good and good singers sound great. Singers may perform as soloists or as a group. With over 400 songs to choose from spanning seven decades we know there is something for everyone.
   Want to preview the songlist? Just go to

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Saturday, August 2, 9:00$8
The Foresocks
Red Radio
Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute
   The Foresocks are a Sacramento, CA based tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We play everything from the funky Blood Sugar era to the more melodic Peppers of the 2000's.

Coming Soon

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Tuesday, August 12, 8:00 $10
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Whitey Morgan
Honkey Tonk
   Whitey Morgan and the 78’s are a Honky Tonk band from Flint, Michigan. They haven’t re-invented the wheel, they just picked it up and started it rolling all over again.
   In Flint, the factories are closed, jobs are scarce and the people are bitter. Whitey sings songs these people can relate to. In much the same way his grandfather and mentor did over 3 decades ago, a whole generation of southern transplants who came up US-23 to Flint looking for the good life. In the spirit of William Morgan, Waylon, Merle and Paycheck; Whitey’s melodies help people forget their problems for a few hours and serve as the guideline for drinking sorrows away. The 78’s halftime groove brings out everyone’s dancing shoes and while Whitey and the 78’s play, the world is a better place. .
   Emerging from the Detroit area music scene, re-creating a forgotten genre for the area, Whitey Morgan and the 78’s have toured the country spreading their sound and attitude everywhere they go. They play honky tonk tunes in any club in any town without apology—they drive their point home just like their families drove the cars they built on the line home from work. With a purpose.
   Around 200 shows a year you can count on Whitey Morgan and the 78’s to deliver. Whitey’s whiskey tinged vocals, the 78’s foot stomping beats, all relentlessly stirring up dance floors everywhere they go. The bottle turns up, spirits elevate and in this world, there isn’t a person who couldn’t use Whitey Morgan and the 78’s .

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