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Sunday, September 14, 6:00 no cover!
Sunday Showcase
   open mic comedy 6:30pm-8pm (sign up @ 5:30), hosted by Wendy Lewis
   open mic/band auditions 9 pm-... Hosted by Carlt Duhain of Drop Dead Red
    Sign ups @ 8:30. Weekly featured artists will give you inspiration and entertainment, and this is a great opportunity to show Marilyn's why we should book your band!! We want to see what you've got, Sacramento!
   Happy hour prices all night!!!!

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Monday, September 15, 8:00 $5
Lady Justice,
Crossing the River
Indie Funk Jazz
   Hailing from Seattle, two friends sat down and started writing. After realizing the ease of this process together, they decided they might be on to something great. Bringing the first songs to life at 3 Leaf Studios, with the help of producer/engineer Soleil Kelley. Lady Justice began their musical journey to share with you. After expanding the band to include Travis on Bass and Drew on Drums, Lady Justice headed into Houdini's Tree to record and release their first official full band EP, Down the Rabbit Hole. Mental Itch records soon picked them up on their label based in South Seattle. Quickly after, they embarked on their first and very successful tour. Sam joined the team and took over Travis' spot on the bass bringing his rhythmic bass lines to the LJ team. Looking to record their first full length album in 2014 and set out for a second tour, Lady Justice continues to grow and build momentum.
   Miraculously, people kind of found each other in the midst of this big cacophonous music metropolis where we laugh at 100 degree heat and love lurking under great freeways that haven't been upgraded since the Johnson Administration. (Come to think of it, the levees haven't been upgraded since the Johnson Administration either, ugh.)
   Intoxicating Grooves & Compelling Improvisation -- be prepared to dance your butts off to grooves from the African diaspora. Where there's a rhythm there's a way.

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Tuesday, September 16, 8:00 $10
Sunny Ledfurd,
Matt Borden
Country / Acoustic / Drinking
   If there has ever been a way to describe Sunny Ledfurd, it has got to be his ability to defy categorization. Born in Chattanooga TN and growing up in Gaston County NC, he taught himself guitar at age 15. He knew then that playing the guitar was how he would make a living. Inspired by Guns n Roses, Snoop Dog & David Allan Coe among many, Sunny's songs continually mix genres and push the envelope. "I've always liked artists that you can tell they have something to say. They're not just singing some words 'cause it sounds cool." Never one to shy away from a good time... drinking and women are involved in much of the music. With songs like 'I Don't Remember Last Night', 'Pontoon Boat', 'Adderral', and 'Myrtle Beach', Sunny takes you through life in the south as he sees it and lives it.
   Matt Borden is a true, home grown "Oregon Boy". Matt, from Redmond, OR, grew up listening to both kinds of and western. The "Wild Child" was playing local bars at the age of 16, and even then was getting drunk and crazy during his shows.
    Borden eventually connected with Sunny Ledfurd on a chance meeting set up through MySpace. Sunny liked what he heard, and Matt's first album, "Wild Child", was released under the Ledfurd Recurds banner in 2009. Teaming up with Ledfurd and fusing his country roots with the West Coast vibe and mentality proved to be the turning point for Matt.

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Wednesday, September 17, 8:00 $5
Mark of Defyance,
Black Knight Satellite
singer / songwriter
   This is my Solo acoustic Project..."Mark of Defyance". I am lucky enough to front a great band Defyant Circle...but i have some other musical ideas that i would like to share with all of you... come join me!

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BONUS SHOW !! After Work Office Party !! no cover!
Thursday, September 18, 4:00
Crazy Chester
   Crazy Chester is a Northern California pop/rock/classics cover band. Scott Gallawa began playing music at 8yo; he has classical training on trombone, piano, and guitar, and is (somewhat obviously) self-taught on saxophone, mandolin, violin, banjo, drums, and sitar. With a wide musical background, Crazy Chester plays classic rock, with a quality that will bring back treasured memories.

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Thursday, September 18, 8:00 $5
Zyah' Belle and The Funkshun,
Current Personae
    In 2014 Zyah Belle formed the band The Funkshun. After years of standing by the dream of having her music depicted with a "live and intimate feel", she decided to search for the perfect musicians to convey just that. The Funkshun consists of drummer (Daniel Martin), two keyboard players (Joey Karch and Roderick Giles),bass guitar (Ellwood Allen),and saxophone (Whitney Allen). The Funkshun is known for "bringin' the funk". Hence the play on the word "funk" in their band name. With all of the band members priding themselves on their deep roots in soul,r&b,funk,alternative,jazz and gospel,you are destined to be in for a treat when you have the honor of hearing them perform. Zyah Belle leads the band with her strong sultry presence. Which makes for an effervescent show. Zyah Belle and The Funkshun are currently working on releasing a LIVE EP to be released this winter.

   Joshua Washington had the idea of putting together a "super group" of musicians from the Stockton community and abroad to serve Stockton and make some really fun music in the process. The core group of Current Personae is mainly made up of two prominent Stockton bands in 2008 to 2012, Tipping Point, and Sugar Water Purple. Now with some newer members, Current Personae is exactly the "super group" that Stockton loves.
   Current Personae has opened for Anthony Hamilton for a Black History Month event in 2013. They were also the backing band for Juno nominated recording artist Joanna Borromeo for the Zion Academy of Music's first annual Reclaim Concert. They will be the backing band for Aubrey Logan at Zion Academy's second annual Reclaim Concert as well. All in Stockton, CA.

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Friday, September 19, 9:00 no cover!
You Front The Band
Live Karaoke
   Grab the mic with all the bravado of a seasoned rocker! YOU FRONT THE BAND puts you and your guests in the spotlight as the vocalist in a live rock band. This isn't ordinary karaoke - this is the ultimate interactive rockstar experience and the hottest trend in live music entertainment. You sing in front of a live band!
   Our backing vocals make less talented singers sound good and good singers sound great. Singers may perform as soloists or as a group. With over 400 songs to choose from spanning seven decades we know there is something for everyone.
   Want to preview the songlist? Just go to

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Saturday, September 20, 9:00 $6
Lisa Valentine and The Unlovables,
The Chick P's
Blues, Rock, Pop
   Lisa Valentine writes soul songs with depth, that feel like something from another era. Inspired by performers like Otis Redding and Tina Turner she pushes emotions to the limit and sings from the gut. Being a solo artist for most of her career until now, she will tell you today, that she most enjoys playing with her growing band of 7 members: Jason Tate, bass, Justin Marzo, drums, James Chato, guitar, Brian Ronald Jones, Sax, Benjaman Sallmann, trambone and Chris Escos, keys. Lisa won KZFR's Celebration of the song in 2012 after submitting an original song called "Mrs. Parker", it was an ode to the late Dorothy Parker, a revolutionary female poet introduced to Lisa by her grandmother Wanda Frew. In 2013 Lisa was honored with a Chico Cammie as "Best Vocalist of the Year". In May of 2013 Lisa released her EP Secret Lover, a 7 track recording with the guidance of masterful Recording Producer Dave Elke. The foundation of the EP was recorded at Oragami Lounge and can be found on, Soundcloud and Itunes. The hard work that went into The EP paid off in 2014 when Valentine walked with another Chico Cammie, this time for "Best Singer/Songwriter". Although she is most passionate about playing live, the Secret Lover EP remains Lisa's proudest achievement to date. Lisa Valentine continues to write songs and give her all in each performance, dreaming of someday reaching the success in 60s inspired soul music like Sharon Jones and Dap Kings or Alabama Shakes has. More recording and plans to tour are the next steps in musician Lisa Valentine's future.
   What makes a band demand your attention… ignite, excite and draw you in? Is it heart-breaking harmonies? Stand-out vocals? Emotion drenched lyrics? High -energy performances? Screaming guitar solos? Rocking originals and covers that force you to get up and dance? The Chick P’s bring all of this and more. A fun, spirited, rock and blues band made up of 4 chicks and a guy named Guy …the band’s guitar muse. They are pound for pound, a contagiously fun, feel-good band!
   Founded in Northern California in 2006, by song writing partners, Shannon Alley and Cindy Mooney, the band came together on a whim and quickly began shape shifting, with the addition of Karen McIntyre, percussionist turned bassist . What started as a folk cover band, featuring strong vocal talents and harmonious arrangements, gained energy and new direction, with the arrival of drummer Sara Maitri . Along came guitarist , Guy Sperry, talented & enthusiastic , opening the band to greater horizons. Rock & blues was born into the group, and with the vocals to pull it off, The Chick P’s have become infectious! Count on classic rock , danceable blues, AND A ROCKIN’ GOOD TIME with The Chick P’s

Coming Soon

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Thursday, October 9, 8:00 $5
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Island of Black and White,
Tone In Georgia,
Rebecca Peters
Acoustic Rock/Funky Reggae/Soulful Blues/Folk
Soul/ Folk/ Pop
   Island of Black and White first appeared on the music scene in CA in 2004. Their music is a sweet, humble yet raw blend of acoustic rock, funky reggae, and soulful blues. It is a mixture like no other. The “duet, sometimes quartet” exerts high energy performances while frequenting local and out of town venues, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, music festivals and various events. The unique sound of Island of Black and White today captures the attention of those young and old: with Chris Haislet on guitar, keyboard, accordion, melodica, flute and vocals, Nawal Alwareeth on drums and vocals. It is apparent for anyone watching, that the band shares an immense love for music. Not only does the band enjoy playing, but their incredible performances engage all who listen; and the energy is shared with the entire crowd.
   Tone in Georgia is a collective of musicians from the Antelope Valley, starting point for Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa. Out of these desert roots they have crafted a sound few can claim to have heard elsewhere.
   An aspect that makes Tone In Georgia uniquely its own, is that there is no official lead singer, as everyone trades vocals, and more often than not songs employ five-part harmonies. Each member plays more than one instrument, and often the choreography is the most difficult part of the performance. Instruments are even switched mid-song, as in the doo-wop odyssey “Seasons”. Their mission is ambiguous, “We just sort of write whatever we want to perform,” they say; and so they do–listening to a performance is much like listening to a live mix-tape. That being said, it is a little difficult to pin a genre on Tone in Georgia; suffice it to say they are something like psychadelic contemporary folk-jazz-grass with a twinge of mariachi on a broadway bender. From the warm-yet-gloomy keyboard driven “Waltz in 4”, to the trebly country-rock of “Foreign Land”, they cover quite a bit of ground during each performance.
   Rebecca Peters is an up- and- coming artist embarking on a new solo adventure. Although she seeks collaboration with other artists, the 22- year old vocalist is becoming much closer friends with her guitar, and is enjoying taking advantage of this friendship in order to translate feeling to song. Look out for Rebecca as she travels into the unknown, in attempts to make every single one of you smile, one song at a time

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Friday, October 24, 9:00 $7
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Denver J Band,
Be Brave Bold Robot
Honest Pop Rock
Folk Rock / Funk / Pop
   The Denver J Band is forged from the remnants of a world we've destroyed. In this Post-Apocalypse, we find ourselves working with the musical and artistic elements leftover from the last age to create brand new experiences. The world may be over, but as long as there are people, there will be music. The Denver J Band, all we are is music.
    Gabriel Nelson has played electric bass in Sacramento for many years backing up varios artists on stage and in the studio. He has been in Rock,Folk, Punk and Jazz Bands.Two years ago he decided to start writing his own material and formed his new band " Bellygunner "which combines all the various musical influences into it`s own special blend.Joining Gabe ( guitar and vocals) in the band are his wife Peggy Lanza ( Keyboards and Harmonies ), Tom Monson ( Drums ) , Joshua Krage (Guitar and Harmony )and Michael Palmer on Bass.
   Their music can be found on YouTube
   Be Brave Bold Robot is Soul Coughing meets the Mountain Goats meets Bob Dylan meets Tom Waits meets the Counting Crows meets Calexico meets a good friend for a beer and a Bob Wilson lecture.
   SingerSongwriter songs about love and grandmothers and justice and life-affirming attitudes. lots of sweat and passion. several different key meditations, and just enough tempo changes to keep things at least mildly interesting. Be Brave Bold Robot is a joyous celebration of sinful innocense. of deliberate absentmindedness. of Social Obligation that tries not to think too much of itself. one more existential distraction that coyly begs the question, "are you really being honest?"
   Their sound is something akin to the Counting Crows covering Frank Zappa, or like Calexico performing the collected works of Les Claypool. There's plenty of Arizona "desert core" sound in Be Brave's sonic pallet, but it doesn't hammer on it enough to make it ridiculous. This is good music, and you should hear it.

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