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Please Note:
    Tickets are not available until the date shown.  If an event shows SOLD OUT, please don't call - there are no tickets available. We will look forward to seeing you at another event.
     We only accept Visa and MasterCard for on line purchases. A $2 surcharge is added per ticket. All sales are final.
     TICKETS ARE WILL CALL. You will receive a confirmation email. On the day of the event, show your ID to the doorman, who will have your purchase on a roster.
     Seating is limited, so come early. Purchase of a ticket does not guarantee seating.
     Remember, you must be 21 for shows at Marilyn's.

     To purchase tickets, first select the number of tickets you want, and then click on the desired event.

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Marilyn's Respects Your Privacy
Why do you ask for personal information when I purchase tickets?
- - The credit card industry requires this to verify the charge.

Does Marilyn's keep credit card information?
- - We don't keep any credit card information - we don't even see it.

What information does Marilyn's keep?
- - We keep your name, phone number, email address and number of tickets purchased.

- - We need your name and number of tickets so you will be on the roster when you arrive.

Why do you need the phone number and email?
- - Sometimes we need to contact you before the event. Maybe you purchased tickets several times, and we want to make sure that wasn't a mistake. And sometimes the performers cancel or change the start time. It's very rare, but if it happens, we need to be able to notify you.

Will I get unwanted emails from you?
- - Never. If you want to join our mailing list (we hope you do, to get in on good deals), you have to 'opt in'. It isn't automatic. If you later want to 'opt out', it's easy.

Do you share your mailing list with others?
- - Never. Not ever. We get asked all the time, by promoters, bands, advertisers. We never do it. Never have. Never will. ... Marilyn's is 'where your friends are'... and friends don't do that.

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